What I do

Residing in Chicago Illinois, Brian Zurek is an accomplished makeup artist working in all areas of the makeup arts. With experience in film, advertisement, fashion, and bridal, His skill set is constantly evolving. Focusing on completed designs that reflect not only the more traumatic and viseral areas of FX makeup, but also showcase beauty and emotion

How I do it

Self taught and striving to continually grow as an artist, Brian works from the ground up. Starting with design, and working through molding,casting and finally applying finished looks, each is personal and unique. From keying exhibits in the coveted New York fashion week to creating custom artworks there is no project that is out of spectrum for him.

Why I Do It

Believing that the experience as a whole on each project, and from the relationships you make not only with people you create with, but the artform itself are what create growth and a true understanding of what it means to be an artist. Booking or consultation can be made through this website. Any questions or comments are welcomed and encouraged.